Friday, October 14, 2011

New Tile Shop in Wynola Offers Fabulous Gift Ideas!

Wynola Farms Marketplace is so pleased to introduce a great new store just in time for holiday gift season!
Van Gogh Tiles is all about reproducing the art we all enjoy, whether it's family vacation photos or the Old Masters seen in museums.  They produce several packages that make it easy for you to reproduce your favorite images, by transferring photographs and fine art prints to a variety of substrates. Their specialties include ceramic tile, tumbled marble, canvas, metal and glass.  When transferring an image, they use high end colorfast ink which preserves your memories for generations to come.
And they also don't just do tiles - they do back splashes, framed wall mounts, plates, gift boxes,
glass cutting boards, Christmas ornaments, light switch covers, iPhone cases, custom old family photographs
(they will even re-touch them for you!), and anything else you would love to see art printed on.
They also have an extensive database of artwork from the Old Masters. If you're looking for
something special, they likely have it!
They love working with kids and family to create their own personalized pieces on tile,
and they are offering this right here in Julian. Bring your child(ren) up to the store,
they'll set them up with markers, pens, pencils and a drawing pad for them to create
their work of art. Or, bring a family photo or other memorable image, and they'll work
with you to turn it into a treasured tiled print.
 The shop is located inside of the Wynola Farms marketplace, so while your children are creating their art, you can also check out the other stores and tasting rooms. When you leave, you'll have your finished tile in hand. Workshop runs about 45 minutes. Reservations required.