Friday, April 7, 2017

Still Some Lilacs Left! Plus LIVE MUSIC, Shopping, Tasting Rooms and Awesome Food.

Join us for a fun weekend with shopping, craft beverages and awesome food!


Live Music from Trevor McSpadden.  Live music goes from 1-4pm every Sunday, year round and seasonally on Saturdays.

Mr. Manitas Organic TACO BAR will be serving BBQ street tacos, amazing nachos, quesadillas, smoothies, acai bowls, fresas con crema and more!

Tasting Rooms: Hard Cider at Julian Hard Cider, Local Wines and Chocolates at Julian Wine & Chocolate, Craft Beer at The Cooler and delicious Mead at Golden Coast Mead.

Shopping at Ariel's Attic, Cowboy Rendezvous, The Huntress and Wood, Clay & Canvas.

Don't forget the BACK PATIO + the Arcade, Pool Table, Air Hockey, Vintage Mechanical Kids Rides (Car, Dolphin, Harley and Horse) and Young Kids Play Area.

We always have plenty of free parking -- Cars, RV's, tour buses and motorcycles too!


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