Friday, November 14, 2014

Wynola Farms is now JULIAN STATION!

Come check out our new signs and enjoy a weekend of great food, music and tasting from Julian Hard Cider.  Mr. Manitas will be serving culinary awesomeness as always.  All shops are open!

This weekend at JULIAN STATION:

Live music from Mike Wojniak (!  Music goes from 1-4 pm every Sunday, year round.

Mr. Manitas FRUTERIA will be serving BBQ tacos, smoothies, acai bowls, fresas con crema and more!

Hard Cider Tasting at Julian Hard Cider.

Shopping at Ariel's Attic, Cowboy Rendezvous, Mini & Me Boutique and Julian Hard Cider.

Arcade, Pool Table, Air Hockey and Young Kids Play Area.