Thursday, July 11, 2013

Enchanted Weekend

For many, Julian is an enchanting place.  We have open grassy meadows, tall trees, big mountains and little ponds.  This weekend we will add something more to the mix: the music of Enchanted Realms.  Some have describe the duo this way:
Lively and ethereal, their music will move you past a veil of shadows to emerge upon a breathtaking dream scape lit by the moon and stars, where magical things can happen, and almost anything can be believed in.  Luminous melodies sparkling with the celestial are at the core of their sound - performed on acoustic guitar, folk harp, wood flutes, Renaissance recorder, percussion and vocals.  Enchanted Realms members, Scot Ryder and Theresa Rochelle-Ross, construct a vivid world of poetic and fanciful imagery woven around themes ranging from “love’s varied secrets”, to “worlds beyond the mystic”.