Thursday, April 11, 2013

LILACS and Original Music By Enchanted Realms

Lilacs are still in bloom here in Julian with fresh cut flowers available by the stem all weekend long.  Sunday we will have our usual Music at the Marketplace event with BBQ from Wynola's Daily Perc.  Here is a preview of our musical guests Enchanted Realm:

Combining their musical energies, Scot and Theresa have created a velvety rich and beautiful sound for Enchanted Realms. With soulful dedication they unveil each original piece through myriad layers of instrumental and vocal complexities drawing from classical, medieval, new age and gypsy influences to reveal a swirl of gold at the center.  Lively and ethereal, their songs are vividly scripted with old world themes of love and romance, poetically interpreted and passionately performed, transporting listeners to a land beyond their dreams, to a place of beauty and light, and a sweet respite from the challenges of life.