Friday, October 12, 2012

'Music at the Marketplace' Apple Season UPDATE!

10-6      Arturo Rodriguez: Cello (inside)
10-7      Paul Cruz and Felicia Hill: Original Americana
10-13    Scott Shenk: Julian-raised originals (inside)
10-14    Wes Davis: An original take on the Blues
10-21    Highwire: A wordly journey of original music
10-27    Arturo Rodriguez: Cello (inside)
10-28    Jacob Paul Allen: Americana with a Southern Twist
11-4      Ben Zin: Awesome guitar playing
11-10    Good Vibes: Marimba & soft guitar (inside)
11-11    Dusty and the Lovenotes: Southwest Originals
11-18    Reilly Brennan: Original Americana/Country


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