Thursday, August 9, 2012

Music at the Marketplace: Late Summer SCHEDULE

Summer is flexing its muscle.  Enjoy it while you can!  Join us Sunday's for Live Music and BBQ on our cool and shady Volcan View Patio (in the back of the Marketplace adjacent to Wynola's Daily Perc coffee shop).  Here's the lineup for the remainder of August:
8/12: Paul Cruz and Friends (Grand Canyon Sundown)
8/19  Highwire: A wordly journey of original music
8/26  Matt Rivers (to be confirmed): Old time music with a conscience


  1. There are always live performances near the horses for sale melbourne stables in the marketplace back in our hometown in Australia. It's fascinating to see the people stopping what they're doing for a minute and basking themselves in the goodness of music.

  2. My best friend and I are planning to watch live performances for the whole summer, and maybe at the last two weeks of the hot season, we'll just sit back and relax, enjoying our new airconditioning system at home. But of course, that will only happen if we've totally gotten over the summer fever. (It's only January, but...) Summer, here we come!

  3. I usually look for my favorite stallion in thehorses for sale sydney stable just across the marketplace but I'd gladly come over stay for a bit for some good time with a live band.

  4. Highwire reminds me so much of an old friend I had, back when I was a teenager. We used to go to live performances, whatever the season is, and we both loved concerts and music until she had a cosmetic surgery that "changed her life." Now she's just a typical girl who loves make-up, clothes and shoes while I'm still into music and live performances.