Sunday, February 21, 2010

FARMERS' MARKET OPEN--come see Julian Bakery

No matter what the weather forecast says, it's a nice day to visit the Julian Certified Farmers' Market. Julian Bakery, a recent addition to our market, will be returning again today selling their delicious, healthy breads and pies. Below I have posted a message from the owner regarding the unique qualities of Julian Bakery products. To learn more visit them at or see their blog at

* I have designed our breads to have all the amino acids (proteins that are essential for life) in every slice.

* We grind our organic grains in a stone mill before baking, preventing rancid flour, while achieving more flavor and more nutrition. It is the same concept as fresh ground coffee.

* All of our main grains are organically grown, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. It is safe for children.

* All of our sourdough yeast free breads are cultured (the same concept as yogurt). They are easier to digest, contribute to the friendly flora of our intestines, and are a low stress food (providing predigested released nutrients from the culturing process).